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Web Protection

What is Web Protection?

Web Protection scans the website before they are opened, and blocks malicious and phishing websites. Website is checked basis on the data by Web Protection. Internet security is fully dependent on secure web gateway which is Web Protection that protects every device, user and location from any kind of Internet threats.

Web Security

Why Inspira Secure Web Protection?

  • Advance web threat, protection from malicious sites
  • Enforce browsing quotas and time-based web surfing policies
  • Roaming endpoints can use PAC files to get web security protection
  • Website Category Based filtering with Exceptions
  • Integrated Application Control
  • File types Download Control
  • Block PUA (Potentially Unwanted Applications)
  • SSL encrypted traffic

Inspira Secure Web Protection Service Includes

  • Protect users on remote offices and off network user.
  • Easy Configuration.
  • User-friendly management & reporting tools.
  • Microsoft Active Directory integration Support.

Inspira Secure Web Protection for Enterprise

Internet Security has been a major concern among the large enterprises, a comprehensive and cost efficient web protection services helps in solving most of the web security related issues. Inspira Secure Web Protection services for large Enterprise resolves issues related to protection from malicious websites, Advance web threat detection, File type download control, Enhanced policies with custom site categories, Block PUA (Potentially Unwanted Applications) and many more web security related issues.

Inspira Secure Web Protection for SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) and Startups

Once you have got through the initial struggle of establishing your business ideas, you may now need a comprehensive Web security strategy to be able to protect your network from multitude web-based threats. Inspira Secure Web Protection services are designed for every small and medium enterprise and startups, which helps from advance web threats and protection from malicious sites along with SSL encrypted traffic and many more important features which are very important for SME’s and startups.


Proven protection against web threats
Block the latest web threats using advanced techniques like Live Protection cloud lookups to detect malicious web code before it reaches the browser. Inspect all HTTP, HTTPS and FTP traffic, including active content like Active X, Flash, cookies, VBScript, Java and JavaScript.

Customizable URL filtering boosts productivity
Our continuously updated database contains over 35 million sites in 96 categories. Inform Inspira Secure MSP team to create safe web browsing policies, minimizing legal concerns around inappropriate content and maximize productivity.

Control apps—block Facebook, accelerate Salesforce
Inspira Secure MSP team can block, allow, shape and prioritize web applications with Deep Layer-7 inspection (Next-Generation Firewall). It identifies over 1300 applications, and you’ll get feedback on unclassified applications too.