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Complete UTM Protection

What is UTM Protection?

Unified Threat Management (UTM) or Unified Security Management protection is a solution in the Network Security industry, it has become primary network gateway defense solution for organizations. Complete UTM Protection solution is the advancement of traditional firewall into an all-inclusive security product which performs multiple security functions with one single system. UTM Protection represents all-in-one security solution that consist of variety of security capabilities including Firewall, VPN, Gateway Anti-virus, Gateway Anti-Spam, Intrusion prevention, content filtering, bandwidth management, application control and centralized reporting as basic features.
Complete UTM Protection

Why Inspira Secure Complete UTM Protection?

Today’s cyber threat landscape demands a comprehensive and integrated approach to IT security.  In order to ensure the integrity of an organization’s network, endpoints, devices and data.  Inspira Secure’s Complete UTM Protection provides all the security and control you need without slowing down.

Inspira Secure UTM Protection for Enterprise

The Complete UTM Protection platform provides all-in-one network security, along with management and reporting tools to help enterprises to monitor, control, and protect all traffic entering and leaving their networks. Our  service  package helps customer  looking  forward to  upgrade to  a cloud based solution  wherein  we filter the bad traffic out  of  the  network & extend  this  protection  to  remote workers,  branch  offices via an IPSec and SSL tunnels that provide flexible site-to-site and remote-access VPN connections. With Complete UTM the enterprises can keep a secure control on the web traffic & user policies thus allowing their employees & management a smooth & secure web surfing. Similarly at the endpoint level, complete UTM protection allows email inbox free from spam & latest phishing attacks.

Inspira Secure UTM Protection for SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) and Startups

For any start-up or SME customers- implementation of an IT security solution such as Network Firewall, Web Security, Anti-virus solutions etc. is one of the key challenges to a business growth. Hence  in  order to lessen the burden of such issues, Inspira Secure brings a complete security service offering under a single  package wherein  the customer will  not have to reach thousand different vendors for every different IT security requirements. Complete UTM Protection will manage your Network level requirement to Web Security up till Endpoint protection. This services allows customers to gain advantage of cost benefit & operational cost  of  managing the same . Inspira Secure Complete UTM Protection is designed for every small and medium enterprise and startups, which has planned to invest on advance protection solutions to safeguard themselves from malicious sites, files & attackers.


Consolidated network security platform—no compromise
Protect your network using multi-layered proven protection technologies including Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), IPS, VPN, email and web filtering. And, you can choose the level of protection you need with modular subscriptions as every feature is available

All the Next-Gen Firewall features you need
We’ll give you complete control to block, allow, shape and prioritize applications. Our Deep Layer-7 inspection (Next-Generation Firewall) ensures true application

Identification and has regular automatic updates. And you’ll get feedback on unclassified applications too

Intuitive management and detailed reporting
You’ll know what’s happening with your users and you’ll have complete control over all the features you need, with none of the complexity

Connect remote offices with easy VPN
RED (Remote Ethernet Device) provides secure remote access to your off-site locations. It’s the first security gateway that requires no technical skills at the remote site. Once installed, it forwards traffic to the UTM for complete security.

Layered security features ensure that traffic is looked at in a variety of ways to identify and block malware, exploits, and unwanted traffic, and the Next Generation application control and visibility engine also provides administrators a deeper understanding of the traffic patterns on their networks. That information can then be used to fine tune policies related to security, bandwidth and user access.