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Server Protection

What is Server Protection?

Server Protection is to protect information assets and data. Server Security is critical for any organization that has physical or virtual server connected to the Internet or standalone. It requires layered defense and is mainly significant for any organizations with customer facing websites.

Why Inspira Secure Server Protection?

Protects Windows, Linux and UNIX systems from the latest threats
Minimizes resource use for optimal server performance
No management server required.
Single Console for managing all servers and user’s workstations without compromising the bandwidth.

Inspira Secure Server Protection Includes

  • Anti virus for vShield to provide efficient agentless scanning on vSphere for your virtual servers.
  • Frequent Lightweight definition updates and Live Protection.
  • Automatic scanning exclusion.
  • Zero day protection

Inspira Secure Server Protection for Enterprise

Large Enterprise with multiple server and whole lot of critical information assets and data are always on lookout for effortless solutions for server security. Inspira Secure Server Protection with its cloud based offerings and protection services across various platforms like Windows, Linux and UNIX systems from advanced threats, suits well for large enterprise server protection.

Inspira Secure Server Protection for SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) and Startups

Small Business & Startups are always looking for simple solutions to protect their server from all kinds of possible threats. The main highlight of Inspira Secure Server Protection where no management server is required, the entire deployment is so effortless because of Cloud based services, this feature fits well for SME and Startups to secure their server.


Quick to deploy
No management server or database server required to set up. Our solution deploys to your environment in minutes rather than days.

High-performance security built for servers
Inspira Secure Server Protection’s server-based policies provide out-of-the-box protection, giving you granular controls for both performance and protection

Automatic scanning exclusion
During set up, Inspira Secure recognizes popular server applications and sets automatic scanning exclusions to eliminate conflict without compromising security. Due to continuous research by the intelligence team ensure your servers high performance and security.

Zero-day protection
Inspira Secure is the only solution offering cloud-managed server protection integrated with advanced anti-malware, HIPS, and server application whitelisting/lockdown. Now your servers and your data is effectively protected from zero-day attacks.